About Weis Restaurant

Over 40 Years of Excellence – Weis Restaurant

Weis Restaurant + Bar was originally the home of prominent Toowoomba family, the Harrisons. In the early 1920s Mark Harrison purchased an acre of land costing £300 in Toowoomba’s relatively undeveloped Range area at the time.

Work began on “Alameda” by Sydney architect Carlyle Greenwall, and concluded in the year 1925. Named after the wedding venue of then owner Mark Harrison and his bride, Dorothy Renwick.

“Alameda” was home to Mark and Dorothy, as well as their three sons and daughter, until being sold to Jean and Bob Weis in July 1968.
After refurbishing the historical building for dining, it wasn’t long before Jean and Bob welcomed their first diners at Weis ‘Top of the Range’ Restaurant.

An Icon Reborn

As a treasured dining spot for the family, Weis Restaurant + Bar was purchased by Darling Downs residents John and Val Pohlman in 2000.
The restaurant remains owned and operated by the Pohlmans family today, and is managed by their youngest son John Pohlman Jnr.